1 John 2 (Sermon/Teaching)

On Sunday evening the wonderful people at Louetta Road Baptist in Spring, TX had asked me to be one of the speakers in their 1 John series (they are covering the whole book over 5 weeks). At any rate, I preached chapter 2. I should note the sermon/teaching is fairly long (just under an hour), but for those interested here is the video. The audio is not yet up on the church’s website for download (apologies to the insomniacs who were looking for some relief), but will likely be up within 2 weeks for those interested. At any rate the video is below:


Sermon on the Kingdom of God

On Sunday I had the joy to preach at what I consider my “home church,” Louetta Road Baptist Church in Spring, TX (North Houston). I think this is one of the few ways I like topical preaching. I walked through a large portion of the bible to give the beginnings of a biblical theology of the Kingdom of God. Video is below:

New Sermon Up

For those interested. The sermon I gave two weeks ago at St Michaels, Southfields is up on Pressing out and on, in keeping with the theme of September at the church. You can download it off the St Michaels Website if you want (or browse around for what else they have) here.

If you’d like to let me know what you think, feel free in the comments to this post.

The sermon is about faithfulness and how it relates to God’s actions and attitude toward us.

Sermon on Matthew 5:3, the first Beatitude

Ok, this is mostly for family and those who have specifically requested it. This is sermon I gave this past Sunday on the first Beatitude synced with the slides (sorry no actual video of the sermon). If you want to download the audio file only you can find it from St Michael’s Website here. Otherwise here’s the audio synced with slides (I didn’t use a manuscript for it so there’s not one to hand out, and my notes are probably a bit too odd to interpret).