I’m doing theology in, with and for the church by bridging the gap between academic theology and informal God-talk to show the relevance of the sacred to the everyday.

‘Why Theology’ is intended to bring deep theological discussion out of the academy and into the day to day lives of Christians. It is meant to be a place where the “why” questions of life can be addressed from a Christian theological and philosophical point of view. It is also meant to answer the question of why we should even bother with theology in the first place. Thus the name ‘Why Theology’ has a double meaning to point to the importance of theology for the Church and to address the daily struggles, questions or concerns we all have with our day to day lives.

I am Trey Medley and earned a PhD in Philosophical Theology at King’s College London in 2018. I work full time in a Professional/Administrative role at a community college while teaching part time in the areas of Ethics, World Religions, Medieval and Modern Theology, and Science and Religion dialogue. I have a wife and two kids and a passion for theology and the teaching ministry of the Church. You can follow Trey on twitter at @MedleyTrey.

If you would like to invite Trey to speak at your church or church-related event, please message me on Twitter. For planning purposes, Trey is currently based in the Houston, TX metro area.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Trey.
    I can’t wait to read your opinions and that of others on important topics. Your blog is very interesting. I love theology. In my opinion we don’t have enough of it (let me just say I am not exposed to much of it where I live)!!
    So I am really excited. And thanks for liking my post.


  2. I can totally get behind this project! Or maybe not TOTALLY because, like you, I am also studying theology and classwork–well, I GUESS it’ll have to take priority over blogging. Still, I’m glad you visited my blog so I could know to visit yours. Thanks!

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