A Collect for Father’s Day

For our earthly fathers today we thank you God. For the ways in which they point us to you, direct and indirect, intentional and incidental, we thank you.

For those who are fathers, we ask that you guide us as we ask to be a small glimpse, an incomplete picture of you. Remind us that we are not perfect, but that even in the act of choosing to be a father we reflect the beauty of You who is our Father from before the foundations of the world. For those who have biological children and chose to be a father to those who chose a could whether by adoption, foster care or step fatherhood. We thank You. We ask for strength even as we are being made more into your likeness, giving an imperfect glimpse of true fatherhood.

For those who seek to be fathers, we ask for your comfort. Whether you are preparing them for fatherhood or not, we ask that you reveal to them all of the opportunities to show the love of a father to children even now as they seek a more permanent role as father on earth. We thank you for the ways in which they reveal your loving heart to us.

For those who have an unease with their father, we ask that you show us the way you are a perfect father. For those so hurt by their earthly father, we ask that you meet them as mother first, who covers them with her pinions or gathers them unto yourself as a mother hen and then drawing them toward knowing you as a good father. For those disconnected with parents we ask that you approach them as brother or friend. For those so disconnected from human relationship they cannot even see this, we ask that you come as rescuer and Redeemer. And so, over time, you draw them into relationship with you as a true, good, and better father.

Above all else, we thank you for being a good father. For taking our being, changing our identity into the better and adopting is as your children.