2019 Lent Day 19: Mark 7:1-23

Mark 7:1-23

Authentic Living

Again Jesus is asked a question about the behavior of him and his disciples, and Jesus cannot contain himself. It’s as though Jesus responds with:

-Are you serious? This is what you’re going to after? I’m trying to build a new kingdom. I’m confronting the ills that you have helped bring about. Rather than acknowledge your own shortcoming, you’re going to start a debate about meaningless minutiae.

That’s exactly what they are going to do. So Jesus cites Isaiah 29.

They are living in a dream. Acting as though they are in reality. They are acting as though the know what they are talking about. They have these rules and the rules need to be followed. It’s how there is stability and order. How else will we know what to do if we don’t follow these rules?

And Jesus can’t let it slide. Rather than focusing on God who has asked to meet them in the law, they have so focused on the law that they miss the one who spoke it into being. In so doing, they’ve missed the point, they are unable to even read the word of God. The same Word of God who is standing before them.

It’s not about the external. It’s not about the rules. It’s about the type of person you are. That’s what determines holiness. And God in Christ is declaring that He will make you holy, if you but open your blind eyes.


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