2019 Lent Day 15: Mark 6:1-13

Mark 6:1-13

Familiarity breeds contempt

Jesus had been healing people, helping people, and doing all sorts of miraculous things. Yet, when he returns home, no one can accept any of it. It’s like he’s a little boy all over again, unremarkable in many ways. Even when they hear him speak and see what miracles he does, they cannot truly accept it. For many of us, it seems a lot easier to do the work of building the Kingdom if we were to go on a mission trip halfway around the world. The harder thing is to do it close to home. Jesus knows this intimately. Yet he still does the work he knows needs to be done. Difficulty does not excuse action.

And so, Jesus sends out his followers. He grants them authority and they preach a message of repentance. And so the kingdom spreads.



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