Lent Day 8: Mark 3:20-35

Mark 3:20-35


Jesus has to make clear who and what family actually is in today’s reading. We have a contrast between the “teachers of the law” who declare him to be part of the family of Beelzebul, his earthly blood relatives, and those with whom Jesus chooses to spend his time. Briefly, there are three take-aways here:

  1. Who your family is is found by your actions, not what someone else says of you. That is where your identity is found.
  2. Don’t come up against God’s family, that’s the one thing that’s unforgiveable.
  3. Jesus chooses you for his family. He chooses you. That means he will defend you to the end.

So come, sit down with your God. He calls you sister and brother and mother.

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