2019 Lent Day 3: Mark 1:29-45

Mark 1:29-45

Secrets on Secrets

News spread, and so Jesus heals many people of their many ailments. So much so that the “whole town” shows up. Yet Jesus still won’t let the demons declare the truth evident to all. Let the people make their own judgments it seems.

The next morning, Jesus goes off by himself. He’s got to recharge and sleep isn’t going to do it. When his disciples find him to bring him back to town, he’s famous after all, he convinces them to go somewhere else. “This is why I have come” declares Jesus. To bring good news, through words and actions.

Then Jesus reaches out to touch the untouchable. Healing the man, he also warns him to not to talk about it. The former-leper-now-a-walking-miracle man completely ignores this. And the secret news of the secret kingdom continues to spread “secretly.”


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