Letter to my readers

Dear Readers,

Ok so I’ve been away for a very long time from this blog. I’m coming back for a few reasons:

1) Despite not having been regularly posting, I’ve received about a quarter of the hits I did when I was regularly posting, mostly on the last 10 posts I made. So I think I’ve begun to strike chord

2) I started this blog, personally, to help me get over some writer’s block with my thesis. The writer’s block comes back intermittently, so I think this may help.

3) People whom I know personally keep asking me to address issues on the blog. Some of them were particularly timely and so I’ve missed the boat on those, others I may be able to get to. Others are fairly timeless.

4) I just miss using my brain in a different way to try to convey to a broad audience why I have such an interest in theology/philosophy and why I think it is important.

Fundamentally, the core purpose of this blog will remain the same: to engage with the questions of “why” within theology and to hopefully act as a bridge between everyday saints and the ivory tower of academic theology. Some of the previous tags will likely be used again (Church history minute, difficult passages), but probably not with the same weekly regularity. That was just too rigid.

I’m beginning with this post because my next one (sometime in the next week) and possibly the one afterward may be fairly negative. And I just don’t want to come back on a sour note. I’m taking up these topics because a) I’ve been asked to do so and b) it seems necessary to do so.

I hope this will be fruitful for both you (the reader) and myself.

All the best

Trey Medley