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Last Year’s Maundy Thursday Post


Today is Maundy Thursday according to the Church’s liturgical calendar. For those outside of liturgical traditions, including most Baptists like myself, Maundy Thursday is essentially the day that focuses on the “Last Supper” of Jesus and his disciples. It is, in many ways, preparation for Good Friday. Maundy comes the Latin for commandment, and is derived from Jesus’ declaration in John’s Gospel of “a new commandment I give to you: that you love one another just as I have loved you.”

On Sunday, I talked about how Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem marked a different kind of revolution. In this revolution, a temporary political shift wasn’t going to happen; instead everything, from the very foundation of this world, was going to change. In the Lord’s last supper we catch a glimpse of that.

John’s description of the Last Supper is unique. While in the other three gospels there is…

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  1. Just sounded a lot like our Maundy service. And His next supper yet to come.
    You have some depth in there.

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