Checking Interest for a book project (down the road)

I’ve recently had a few things brought to my attention that have made me more seriously consider possibly writing a book project of some sort.

The first has been a rather lengthy desire to write a book that is somewhere in between the esoteric academic discussions about theology and the theologically oriented books directed at “the laity” often put under the book store category “Christian Living.” Something fairly accessible, but not so much that I’m just recycling things that Christians have heard for a long time. What, in some ways, this blog has attempted to do.

The second was the good reception that my recent book review had, specifically with people appreciating the “theology of the bible” aspect that the book, The Bible is Beautiful, had to it. (It was written by a former classmate).

Finally, was a number of people directly telling me to write a book on the subject of the Kingdom of God. This usually happened after I gave a talk, or after the sermon I gave on the topic, laying out the biblical theology of the Kingdom of God in very “skeletal” form.

This led me to consider the possibility of writing a book doing just that, giving a biblical theology of the Kingdom of God, with a view to helping us in the church understand what that term means in the bible generally, and for Jesus specifically. It would be a more in depth treatment of the subject than I have previously given, grounded primarily in a biblical theology, but would also examine some of the greater implications of what that means today. Now, this topic is by no means neglected, but I do think the way in which I approach it might be unique. However, given my other commitments, the actual publication of such a work would likely be a long way out. I would guess it might be at least six months before I sent out any type of formal proposal to publishers or agents (I don’t think I’d self-publish, but who knows), but that means it would likely be 1-2 years before anything were in print.

This leads me to my question: If I were to write such a book, and it came out in 1-2 years, do you think you would buy it? Do you think, if it were good, you’d tell your friends about it? I’m not asking you to commit to anything, just wondering what kind of interest there is. If you have a title suggestion, or other suggestion, leave it in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Checking Interest for a book project (down the road)”

  1. I’m not much for polls, however, I would expect a book like that to be well received. I based this also on my experience in doing several studies in our group over a few years. There are a lot of books out there. But there are a lot of I’d say questionable materials too. It also shows up on Christian bookstore shelves. So I think there is need for such a book. I have been a little disheartened by some of these Christian authors who keep writing, much of it recycled material from previous books. Still their names sells copy. And that these books are not that deep. It just seems to be how many can they crank out. I’d say 40 to 50% of the content is examples and the authors I’m thinking of are pastors of large churches. Well you get the idea. I didn’t want to sound so critical but there is room for good learning material.

    Incidentally, these [Bible] study groups are always scanning and looking for new material for the next study and taking suggestions. I can’t tell you how many of those studies were from the same author. FYI.

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