Hello 2013

What are you excited about this year? Do you have any plans or goals for this year? Are you going to try to read through the bible, or the New Testament? I’d love to hear it. I’ve got a few, mostly practical, such as finishing my degree and finding a job. The one less practical one is that I think I’ll try to start, in earnest, my own popular book.

What about you? God bless you.


One thought on “Hello 2013”

  1. I have regular “discipline” goals that have to do with personal growth & health. For example, I will start a plan to read through the Bible in 2 years (I’ve been on an every-3-years plan, which has been good). I want to finish memorizing the book of James.

    But this year, I want to try something new for a span of 30 days, and then something for another 30 days. The idea is based on this TED talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnfBXjWm7hc&feature=player_embedded

    This month: No food/drink with added sugar.

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